Thread Harvest searches the globe for the most inspiring men’s & women’s fashion, each with a compelling story of social or environmental impact. We combine this with a shopping experience that is enriching, informative and rewarding, allowing you to shop in line with what you care about. What compels us to do this is LOVE. We believe that fashion has the potential to do great things – things like pull entire communities out of poverty, free people from the bondage of human trafficking or preserve and restore our world’s natural resources. We believe that every item we sell should reflect not only a kind heart but a keen sense of style and quality design.

style, sustainability, social impact

Our Philosophy

Our products are curated based on four key elements – style, impact, cost and quality – and we firmly believe that pursuing any one of those should not come at the expense of the others. We search for labels that are able to blend all of these elements into a product that is beautiful inside and out, from production all the way to your doorstep. Our items are carefully selected for people like you, the casual world changers who appreciate the positive things in the world; the unsung heroes who value both style and substance, and embrace higher virtues of empathy and respect.




We will only send you good things. Promise.