How Thread Harvest Began…

Thread Harvest began in 2014 by two Impact Investors who saw a need within the emerging ethical fashion market for ethical consumers to be able to shop all their favourite brands in one convenient location.But there was a problem, aside from the fact this platform didn’t exist, they kept getting asked what they meant by ethical fashion. It became clear that there wasn’t just a need to house great ethical fashion brands but they needed to be able to clearly communicate what ethical fashion was and why it mattered.So after much research and brainstorming, the Impact Badges were created and Thread Harvest was birthed. 

Watch the video below of our Managing Director Davyn De Bruyn and Creative Director Neridah Morris, as they explain how the Impact Badge system works!

Since 2014, Thread Harvest has grown to be a trusted platform that uses the Impact Badges to act as standards for the brands we stock and education for the online retail consumer. But we’ve taken it one step further and enabled you, the awesome ethical champion that you are, to truly engage in the Impact process by shopping what matters to you. The guess work has been removed and our customers can shop with confidence that the items they purchase haven’t caused harm to people or planet.

Collectively (Our Brands + YOU = We!) we have managed to create real, lasting change within the fashion industry, and we’re just getting started. 

 So we invite you to continue on this journey with us as we seek to create lasting change for people and planet through ethical and sustainable fashion. 

Why does Ethical Fashion matter?

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