What is Ethical Fashion and why is it so important?

Ethical Fashion is a term used to describe the mindful production of clothing and accessories. This includes advocating for fair wage and working conditions for the people who manufacture our clothing and the careful production of clothing using organic or sustainable material.

It is so important because our desire for the latest fashion at the cheapest price is doing huge amounts of harm and we’re only beginning to realise it now.  The below stats are only a snapshot of the damage we are causing people and our planet through fast fashion.

There are some devastating facts about the Fashion Industry, some of which we have included here. But if you interested to dive deeper into the sad reality of this industry, we encourage you to check out The True Cost movie (Netflix) or check out some of the articles on our Blog by clicking here. 

Feel a little overwhelmed or powerless that you could make a difference? We know the feeling!

That’s why Thread Harvest we created. We want to you to use your consumer powers for good, so we developed a system that ensures you just need to think about what you want to wear and what good you want to do.  Whether you’re looking for items that are eco-friendly or support a living wage, you can shop with confidence knowing we have taken the guess work out of it. 

Our Impact badges allow you to shop what matters to you, without compromising on style. Select one of the Impact Badges below to shop the product that meets that standard.










Click on a video below to find out more about what each Impact Badge stands for.

So, how do 

we do what we do?

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