Thread Harvest Is Changing…

A note from our Creative Director, Neri.

I still remember the day Davyn told us the original founders of Thread Harvest were looking to sell. The 5 of us were huddled in Davyn’s loungeroom at our weekly catch up, eagerly waiting for him to share with us how his meeting had gone with them. We were expecting the outcome to be connections to ethical factories so that our little start up could begin production on our profits for purpose fashion label and be ethical from beginning to end. We were newbies to the ethical fashion industry and still figuring out what it was and how to start.

When Dav said they were looking to sell, our response was shocked silence. It didn’t last long as a flurry of questions and discussion followed, reaching the most pivotal point in our business journey to date – what if we bought Thread Harvest?

The question hung in the air, full of possibility, adventure and uncertainty. And in all our naivety and blind faith, we leapt at it.

What a ride it has been.

For almost 6 years, we have faithfully tried to grow the business and its impact, having some incredible moments along the way and meeting some amazing people. Showing up week in and week out to serve our brands and customers as well as raise awareness about ethical fashion. We weren’t perfect at it, but we were deeply committed. And we still are.

The last few years has been hard on many businesses and Thread Harvest has not been immune. We have struggled, both in sales and in morale, like everyone. But in the midst of what seems to be our darkest hour, we were afforded an opportunity that has grown and as a result, moved us in a direction we had only ever dreamt of.

One of our internal rhythms as a team is to always ask ourselves these two question:

  • Does it make the boat go faster?
  • Does it make the boat go further?

We have never been afraid to remove things that are slowing us down or stopping us from getting to where we want to be. It is a process that has challenged, changed and grown us as individuals and as a team.

So, when we finally said out loud the thing we had all been thinking, it was not a difficult conversation.

“I think we should shut the marketplace down.” I said to Dav over a working lunch.

“I’ve been thinking the same thing and so has Mikhail.” Was his response. And that was it, the decision had essentially been made.

Over the coming weeks, we would wrestle with the reality of making such a decision. The more we wrestled, the more we realised it was the next step for Thread Harvest.

I want to pause at this point to thank every single one of our brands that have journeyed with us over the years. Together, we have made a significant impact in the fashion industry. The ethos and standards of your brands has been inspiring and we’re so grateful we got a chance to know you and support the important work you do.

In addition to that, we want to thank every customer who chose to shop with us. You made it all worth it. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s the consumer who will create lasting change in the industry. Keep expecting more from us because you make us better.

So, what’s next?

Well, we’re still in the process of working out the details but essentially, we will be pivoting our business in the direction of Ethical Uniforms and Corporate Wear. We have been working with a significantly large organisation over the last 12 months on their new uniforms and loving the process and partnership.

Will we return to selling ethical fashion to the everyday consumer?

Maybe. You’ll have to watch this space. For now, we’re open to talking to any business, school or organisation who is wanting to ensure their uniforms or corporate wear is ethically made, comfortable to wear and an embodiment of the style and values of their staff. Afterall, ethical fashion should be ethical and fashionable, even if it is a uniform. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you would like to chat about our services.

Thread Harvest the Marketplace, as you know it now, will be shut down. But we will emerge again with a new website and renewed focus on delivering ethical and sustainable fashion in Corporate Wear and Uniforms industry. We’re excited about this next chapter and hope you’ll continue with us.

Thank you for being part of the adventure so far, we look forward to continuing on the journey to lead a revolutionary change for people and planet through ethical and sustainable fashion.