The relationship of animals and luxurious fashion -  Introducing Mara Mma

Mara Mma (pronounced as Murray-Maa), mean the African phrase ‘a beautiful thing, a beautiful soul.

A conglomeration of a clear conscience and classy sense of style, Mara Mma is an artwork in itself. The bags introduce a fresh take on cruelty-conscious consumption, with ample variety in designs and sophisticated themes in the designs.

Their mission is to bridge the gap that exists between cruelty-free bags and high-end luxurious ones while adding elements of variety to it to make the whole idea of purchasing a vegan bag appealing as well as pragmatic.



For style statements that are not just inherently classy but also visibly plush, Mara Mma has introduced a range of handbags that cater to the raw sentiment of luxury and poise. And, for the sake of their ethics, the entire range is not made of any animal products.

Throughout the course of founding Mara Mma, they have managed to tie up with a number of charities enabling them to materialise a great message on-field. As a result of these tie-ups, they were able to get hold of the Charity Supporting impact badge and donated a certain percentage of their profits towards campaigns against animal cruelty.



The charities primarily work for the elimination of ruthless animal slaughter. When a consumer purchases from Mara Mma, they recognize your power and contribution in saving and improving a life.

An elegant handbag and saving a life is a win-win situation indeed!

Mara Mma has signed partnerships with both PETA and SRLC to ensure that 5% of their profits are donated towards saving animals from slaughter homes.

The aim to save at least 100 animals from slaughter homes every year

Mara Mma, a company run in India finds it extremely important to be the change it wishes to see around us. They have ensured that no staff is underpaid or overworked which is a common practice in developing countries, by adhering to such noble practices they were awarded the Living Wage impact badge.
Mara Mma ensured all their employees earn adequate amounts to support themselves and their families and is justified to their skill, commitment and contribution to the company.
Mara Mma also covers employee travel expenses and provide a provision to take loans in case required for personal reasons.
Manah, a female business owner and founder of this company hopes to inspire many girls her age to strive to make their dreams come true. She wants to challenge social norms and expectations of being an Indian girl, thus Mara Mma has successfully gained the Empowering Women impact badge.
Manah makes sure that equal opportunity and encouragement is given to any girls that work for the company. all our manufacturers are also deliberately chosen to be women since I enjoy encouraging women in business.
Mara Mma is predominantly a female run company from the founder, manufacturers, interns, marketing and even outsourced jobs like content writing.

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