Handmade Italian Sunglasses – Introducing Woodhoy

Sunglasses have undoubtedly become in the recent years more of a fashion statement for the style conscious than anything else, but they are undeniably a necessity when it comes to protecting eyes from the sun, especially in Australia!

Unfortunately, most sunglasses on the market right now are manufactured with materials such as plastic, metal and paint that leave behind large deposits of waste – often toxic – which contribute to a growing global environmental crisis.

To battle this crisis, Woodhoy pushes the boundaries of change with fun, shockingly good looking, high quality yet affordable items that have more than one purpose.

Woodhoy’s mission is to combine Italian fashion design with a sustainable supply chain and premium end products that don’t hurt our planet.


What is their sustainable supply chain?

Woodhoy’s woods are sustainably sourced mainly in South East Asia and North America. All glasses are shipped inside recycled cardboard boxes and we only use strings made of hemp: all in order to reduce any plastic to the bare minimum. By using ethical ways to source raw material, Woodhoy was able to achieve the Eco-Friendly Impact Badge.

How are they premium?

Each pair of glasses are carefully handcrafted and that’s why no two pairs look exactly the same: every time you wear a Woodhoy, you become a limited edition human being. They make sure that each and every employee gets more than just a minimum wage, but a living wage. Thus, Woodhoy was able to achieve the Living Wage Impact Badge.

CANAGLIA – $83.99


How do they not hurt our planet?

In an effort of giving back to our planet, Woodhoy is committed to donating part of our sales earnings to Cool Earth, a not-for-profit organisation that works closely with Rainforest communities and, as a unique mission, works specifically with geographies that are more at-risk. By contributing to a cause for the betterment of the environment, Woodhoy has able to achieve the Charity Supporting Impact Badge.

Woodhoy eyewear comes with durable comfort spring-loaded hinges and high-quality lenses which are CE and FDA approved, UV400 (100% UVA/UVB protective) and polarized.