You’re never going to buy fashion to change the world

You’re never going to buy fashion to change the world.

You’re just not.

Now before you scroll to the bottom and start angry-typing those comments, hear me out. Fashion is and has always been an outward expression of the inner self. Ralph Lauren says that “Fashion is about something that comes from within you” Rachel Zoe says “Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak” and Harry Winston made a great point when he said “People are going to stare, so make it worth their while”

Ok, so that last quote was probably not the strongest in making my point but you get my drift. You’re going to buy clothes that outwardly express who you are. If you love pink, your wardrobe will be full of the colour. If you find comfort and connection in emo or goth music than you’re going to wear the tribal colours worn by emo kids for centuries – black, everything.

Whatever your personality, taste, inspiration or current “fave thing”, it’s going to influence and ultimately determine the clothing you purchase. Which is why you will never buy fashion to change the world. You will always buy something that connects with who you are.


Even though us ethical and slow fashion enthusiasts will shout from the roof tops all the benefits of purchasing ethically, the reality is if we don’t like a product, no matter the level of good the company is doing, it still will not inspire us to purchase from them. Or if we are moved by their story enough we probably will make a pitty purchase and spend endless months berating ourselves for buying that top that you don’t really like but it was for a good cause. And maybe one day you’ll drag it out from the back of the closest thinking that you can make it work, but then when you assess the floordrobe before you, realise nothing you own actually works with this piece of clothing. So it’s either back into the deep recesses of the closet or under the cover of night you sneak down to your local thrift store and hurridly stuff it in their donations bin, all the while telling yourself that you’re doing a good thing. When the reality is- you just shouldn’t have bought it in the first place!

So if we’re going to be honest with ourselves and stay true to our values than we need to acknowledge that ethical fashion brands need be producing clothing that is not only sustainable, but makes you feel and look fabulous as well.

Finding such designers can be difficult, but luckily for you I’m about to insert a shameless plug – this is what Thread Harvest is all about! We’re all for not compromising on style and at the same time not compromising on substance. As socially conscious individuals living in first world countries, we shouldn’t be ashamed to desire on-trend, great style clothing. It’s about using this desire for good, instead of evil. To get all “Captain Planet” on you – ‘the power is yours’, it truly is. Where you choose to sow the hard earned cash you bring home each week speaks volumes to businesses. By choosing to spend it at businesses (such as the ones found on Thread Harvest – shameless plug #2) who are making a difference. But more importantly, it means you are choosing style and substance.

What do we mean by substance? I’m so glad you asked. It means you are decent, upstanding, not superficial. It means you actually care. We comment that someone can be a ‘person of substance’ meaning there is more to you than outward appearances.

Interestingly a synonym for substance literally is “person”. So when you choose to shop at places like Thread Harvest (shameless plug #3) you are choosing style and you are choosing to see the artisan as a person. You are choosing to see that organic cotton farmer as a person. You are choosing to see that child caught in slavery as a person and to do something about their circumstances. You are choosing to see every person in the supply chain as just that- a person.

So no, you don’t buy clothes to change the world. But you do buy clothes for style and if you choose ethical designers than you are choosing substance as well. Those 2 things combined can create incredible change for our world. And if that isn’t a reason to shop ethical, I don’t know what is.

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