Ethical Fashion in Australia

We have this crazy idea….we want to see Australia become the global frontrunner in ethical fashion. We know it’s a pretty big call, but it’s something we believe is possible and a cause we are dedicated to.

The profile for ethical fashion is on the rise and with it, a conscious consumer, who not only wants to find great ethically made clothes to start filling out their wardrobe, but this hunt is coupled with a hunger to understand more about the effect fast fashion is having on our world.

The True Cost Movie did an amazing job in waking up those who watched it to the very real dangers and effects we support when we buy fast fashion. We were faced with startling facts around the world’s consumption rate of clothing – we now consume 80 billion pieces of clothing a year – or that the fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry, second only to Oil.

But as a new conscious shopper, starting to shift towards a more “sober” approach to fashion, what do I do with stats as big as that and a world that needs me to start choosing better?

You can start right here, choosing to shop at places like Thread Harvest or specifically with brands that are doing their best to create products that do good from beginning to end.

Next, you can download the Good On You app which will open you up to a world of ethical fashion, including ratings for your favourite brands and how they stack up according to ethical standards.

Finally, you get your Frank Sinatra on and start spreading the news. Creating real change is only going to happen if we all start to choose differently. So by getting involved not just by talking about it but by buying ethically means companies like us can continue to push for greater social change.

Join us in making a difference and raising the profile of ethical fashion in Australia.