Introducing The Rushing Hour

Whenever we launch a brand we love to share the story and the “why” behind the brand. When it came to writing this blog, I set about doing my usual hunt for information and came across this letter. I read it and thought there was no way I could tell the “why” behind The Rushing Hour better than Jac, the Founder of this amazing brand.

So I didn’t. My team called me lazy for just copying and pasting, and to some extent they are right. It is the easy way out. But I also know a story is better told by the one who lived it. So here is the Founder’s Letter from Jac.

We hope you will fall in love with this brand as much as we have.


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Growing up in a poor household pretty much forced me to figure out how to reuse everything. My sister would outgrow her clothes and they’d become new clothes for me. After I outgrew those clothes, they became materials I used to sew into new outfits — most are too embarrassing to share now — or they became outfits for my toys, or a patchwork book cover, a household cleaning cloth. Very rarely did anything gets thrown away.

A piece of your favourite clothing is like a good friend, sometimes even a lover. It’s because there is a long-term connection between the clothes and your everyday life. When you spend enough time with something you love, you’ll find happiness. Your best clothing is the same. While clothing does need to be functional, it should emotionally connect to your life. The Rushing Hour is built to make clothing with that emotional quality.

I never planned to become a fashion designer, but I have social statements to pass on, and fashion is one of the best canvases I could find to do that.

This brand started initially with a passion to contribute to girls’ education in developing countries, as a voice to promote equality, it had developed into a much bigger picture since.

Creators hold a responsibility to make things that inspire and educate people. One single designer can’t change the industry alone — an army of consumers alongside her can force a shift of belief in our society.
I’m very thrilled to have the opportunity to discover the stories of our makers and able to contribute to a better life for those in need. ⠀⠀⠀

Thank you wholeheartedly for everyone who read, shared our Fashion Revolution coverage and the lovely messages you’ve sent. The fashion industry has a long way to go, I believe together we are already creating positive waves and looking forward to see the change, slowly but surely.


See! I couldn’t put it better myself. Especially the part about creators holding a responsibility to make things that inspire and educate people. This girl speaks our language.

The Rushing Hour meets 5, yes 5 of our Impact Badges which is partly why we think they are so great. The other reasons include:

  • They support One Girl, a foundation that helps put young girls through school.
  • They use recycled material, factory leftovers, and organic cotton and linen.
  • They don’t photoshop their models, keeping it nice and real.

But even better still – some of their pieces are even wrinkle free! Woo hoo! No more ironing!

Support this amazing brand by checking out the collection here.

And join us in welcoming The Rushing Hour to the Thread Harvest family ??