Australian Made, Ethical Underwear - BUSHY

We at Thread Harvest are glad to announce that Bushy Underwear is now a part of our brands.

Made in Melbourne, Australia - BUSHY Underwear was launched at the end of 2018 as a response to the lack of quality ethical underwear currently available in Australia. Open in nature, BUSHY aims to break down the perceived inaccessibility of ethical products by showing that it is possible to create a brand centered around affordable, Australian made garments. “At the moment many ethical products are either too expensive, don't function as well as their unethical counterparts or are inaccessible to a broader market due to the elitist nature of ethical consumerism.

They are here to challenge that and show this is no longer the case.” BUSHY garments are softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen. This is due to them being made from Tencel, a material derived from Eucalyptus trees. The natural cellulose properties of Tencel mean every pair of undies is odour resistant, non-allergic and has strong moisture-wicking properties.

BUSHY undies can be worn for multiple days before they need to be washed! They are also guaranteed wedgie-free. No riding of the leg, no awkward wedgie picking on the tram. When it comes to underwear, BUSHY believes that extreme comfort is always the most important factor.

BUSHY Tencel is spun at Melbourne Textile Knitters based in South East Melbourne. Stephen Morris-Moody is the owner of MTK. His business is 90 years old, Stephen has worked within it for 30 years and has owned it for the last 7 years. From there the fabric is dyed and sent to makers in North West Melbourne. Aki the maker has worked within the Melbourne textile industry his whole life. Taking over the business from his parents in 1989, he has ridden various waves of success whilst also suffering falls at the hands of an ever-changing industry. A survivor with a wicked sense of humor, both Stephen and he form a passionate, revived era of local Australian garment manufacturing.

It's 2019, they now have an obligation to create goods and services that function not only to their intended purpose but excel at delivering high-quality experiences with minimal social, environmental and economic impact.

BUSHY Underwear was created to challenge current models of consumption. A brand that isn’t defined by the garments it creates but rather the message it emanates. “ If you want change, why can’t it start with you.” 


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fluormimi September 26, 2020

Bushy undies look good just wish I could find them on your shopping site. Bad luck ended buying another aussie brand.

Tony July 12, 2020

Where can I buy these in Adelaide please

Carmel Conrad June 17, 2020

Can i buy these in Adelaide please

John Platt June 01, 2020

Where are you products sold in Adelaide please

John plarr May 15, 2020


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