Introducing wYse Lifestyle

We are proud to announce that wYse is now associated with Thread Harvest.

“Natural, Eco-friendly, and Australian made, wYse Lifestyle is designed for women who are busy, value comfort and love clothing to be naturally in-tune with their body.”

Born from a desire to create eco-friendly and Australian made clothing, Liz Parsons started wYse over 20 years ago. Wanting to create a brand of substance and be part of a positive and proactive shift in the fashion industry, the concept of wYse was formed. Made from beech wood trees which is broken down from a milky pulp. The beech wood trees are derived from sustainable forestry plantations and is hence a sustainable raw material.

The fabric is CO 2 -neutral due to the production process being integrated with cellulose recovery. The quality and longevity of the garment means our wYse women get years and years of wear from one piece, and as its biodegradable, it goes straight back to nature where it came from.

They have a wonderful community of wYse women who value wYse for its effortless ability to style and the way it resonates with their lifestyle. Renowned for being the perfect travel wear, wYse is super compact. Pull it straight out of your suitcase and the creases fade with the natural heat of your body. Incredibly soft and gentle to wear, the clothing is all about working with your natural harmony. Made from beechwood, their clothing is biodegradable and environmentally sustainable, after years of wear, it goes straight back to nature where it came from.

wYse puts a lot of time and effort in designing each and every piece in their range. When you buy from wYse, you are buying ethically accredited clothing. They are not a corporate chain store, they are a group of women who create clothing they are passionate about, and all love to wear themselves.