Our products are curated based on four key elements – style, impact, cost and quality – and we firmly believe that pursuing any one of those should not come at the expense of the others. Rather, we search for the labels that are able to blend all of these elements into a product that is beautiful inside and out, from production all the way to your doorstep.


We recognise that “ethical” can mean many things to many people. Eco-fashion? Sustainable-fashion? Slow-fashion? All of these terms can get confusing!

At Thread Harvest, we find designers that do more than just the bare minimum. We are redefining all of these ideas into one simple concept – Impact Fashion. We search for designers that can demonstrate significant positive impact throughout their supply chain, and are committed to protecting human rights and preserving the planet.

With that in mind, we’ve created a badge system that makes it easy for you to see the main areas of impact that each of our suppliers focus on.

We don’t like to enforce a set number of the above badges that designers have to meet because we feel that misses the point. Instead, we assess each designers’ impact holistically, taking into account all of the above, as well as things like the founders, the company mission and supply chain transparency amongst others. Our rigorous process of assessing each label looks at both quantitative and qualitative factors, and we seek to understand the companies inside-out. A brand that does not meet our principles will not be sold on our site.

As a general rule, our designers have to exemplify at least one of the above qualities, without disregarding any of the others. What that means is, Thread Harvest will not stock any labels that are environmentally excellent, but fail to protect human rights and vice versa.

What we warmly encourage you to do, is to read the stories about the labels on our website, so you can understand their impact and find out more about where their products are made, how they are made, and what materials are used.


We promise to be as thorough and transparent as possible in evaluating each label on our platform. However we do recognise that the fashion industry, business practices and information available is constantly evolving. Should information come to light that one of our designers has failed to live up to its responsibilities, Thread Harvest will cease to partner with that brand. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us as we believe engaging in conversation is the first step towards better outcomes!

We are not a governing body or third-party certifier, however we use the knowledge of industry experts, external certifications and other sources of information. We also perform our own interviews with the labels, and are in regular communication with them.

What’s more, the Thread Harvest team endeavours to live out these principles in our own workspace, as well as our personal lives.


We will only send you good things. Promise.