EshaTote Yellow


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Summer is all about lightweight, easy style. Esha Tote is big enough to fit all your summer reads, phone, towel, and all the daily essentials, but small enough that is stylish, unique and easy to take everywhere.  Inspired by the local art forms of India, Esha Tote is constructed with a durable handwoven fabric  (dhurrie)  and dark brown buffalo leather. The bag's size is great for a beach day, but thanks to the internal strings it can turn into a smaller bag and be perfect for a summer in the city. 


Inspired by the four basic elements of nature known in Hinduism for thousands of years, Esha Collection is a hymn to the carefree, summer spirit where the lightweight and easy style is the priority.  Each color of the aesthetically designed clutches, mini-slings and totes symbolize the element where bright yellow denotes fire, deep blue symbolizes water, gray if earth and the off-white for air.  

Dimensions: 38 x 34 x 19 cm 


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