ReCreate is not just about meeting minimum ethical standards. We are committed to people and seeing their lives transformed. Each year we train and employ new students from within the Dey Tmey community who have a desire to learn a lifelong skill that will provide for themselves, their families and their futures.

Together with growing demand from our customers for better standards in the garment industry and the growth of ReCreate in New Zealand and overseas, we can transform people's lives by providing fair and empowering employment.

Boutique Streetwear That Transforms Lives

So now you know that with every purchase you make, you are creating positive change. ReCreate's sewing training and production centre is located in the disadvantaged community of Dey Tmey, Cambodia. The production of ReCreate clothing in this centre provides fair employment for our sewing team, predominantly women, in order to empower them to protect their families, gain a lifelong skill and embrace hope for a better future.