No Nasties: 100% organic, 100% fairtrade clothing.

    Starting from seed up, a No Nasties garment is a labour of love - love for the planet, love for fellow beings, love for good design. Grown from organic seeds on fair trade farms where synthetic pesticides and GMOs have no room, and processed at factories that are governed by sustainability norms, a No Nasties garment is our way of showing the love.


    No Nasties is a 100% organic, 100% fair trade fashion brand. We are based in Goa, India and work with a cotton farmers' co-op + a sustainable factory for sourcing all our products.


    No Nasties uses only 100% organic certified cotton, as certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the benefits are:

    • Grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides.
    • Never uses genetically modified seeds.
    • Conserves soil through crop rotation.
    • Retains water more efficiently thanks to increased organic matter in the soil.
    • Controls weeds through physical removal rather than chemical destruction.
    • Controls insects by maintaining a balance between “pests” and their natural predators through healthy soils. 

    No Nasties uses only 100% fair trade certified cotton, as certified by Fairtrade India and the benefits are:

    • The fair trade guaranteed minimum price covers the costs of production and provides a sustainable livelihood for cotton producers.
    • The fair trade premium enables co-operatives to fund projects that benefit the organization and wider community: business and agricultural training; drilling boreholes for clean water; building schools and clinics.
    • Fair trade producers benefit from advance payment and long-term relationships with buyers.
    • Fair trade producer groups are democratically run and respect the rights of farmers and farm workers.
    • Fair trade production standards encourage sustainable agriculture and protection of the environment.