James&Co was founded on the belief that women shouldn't have to sacrifice their looks or style in order to live ethically and compassionately. By using high-quality cruelty-free fabrics, including 100% polyurethane vegan leather, James&Co jackets look and feel like the real thing, without any of the hidden issues associated with leather production.

5% of each sale is donated to organizations working in mental health and suicide prevention. 

The trend to holistic vegan lifestyles is growing around the globe. So when you buy a James&Co jacket, you're not just buying a jacket. You are joining forces with the growing community of people who eschew lifestyle elements that harm animals. And you'll get a great feeling that you know you look good while doing good.

The brand takes its name 'James' from the son of the founder. James was a unique individual who died at the age of 24. He cared unassumingly about others whose natural inclination was to show humanity - and of course, like most 24-year-olds - James liked to dress with style. In his talented writing, James exhorted us to 'Live Life & Love It' - he inspires us now to uphold that legacy.

We truly believe that no-one should suffer to make you look stylish.