Vanilla Shanti is a Scandinavian, eco-friendly yoga fashion brand that focusses on bringing new, fresh, and feminine style to the yoga community.


We exist for women who want to embrace who they are. We want you to focus on yourself and feel accepted, respected, and valued in your life.


What started in Finland with a laptop and me, is now a global yoga brand and community. Vanilla Shanti was featured on the London Fashion Weeks and other fashion events globally, and it even took part in the Mount Everest Ecological Fashion Runway spectacle. 

The Mount Everest Ecological Fashion Runway -show broke an official Guinness World Record, was aired on various media channels like MTV US and reached millions of people globally, whilst doing so for a good cause- fighting climate change.


We entertain, empower, and inspire our community through diverse and optimistic, ethical and ecological fashion, storytelling, and experiences.


I am - We are, VanillaShanti