Ozeano is driven by a desire to make a difference. Our very existence centres around our ability to help protect nature's future, with a core principle of our business being to optimise for impact, always. That means we should never settle, and always be of the mindset that we have to do more to protect people and our planet.

Here's a few things we're already doing to make a difference.

12 Kgs of ocean litter collected with every sale

To help make a difference, with every purchase you make, you fund the removal of 12kg of plastic & marine litter from our oceans and waterways, equivalent to over 1000 plastic bottles. 

Every sale restores vision for a person in need

With every purchase you make, you fund the required treatment to restore vision for a person desperately in need of eye care. Ozeano partners with The Fred Hollows Foundation, who provide critical treatments in over 25 countries around the world to those who otherwise wouldn't have access to the eye care they so desperately need. 


1% for the planet

We hold a gold-standard membership with 1% for the Planet organisation, meaning we donate 1% of our total annual sales (whole company) to them to support their environmental initiatives.


Ozeano circular economy 

All Ozeano eyewear is made from an innovative plant-base material, meaning its 100% recyclable.

Responsible sourcing

As well as regularly visiting our suppliers and ensuring a fair living wage is paid to all workers, we have several certifications: FSC(Forest stewardship council), GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard), PETA(People for the ethical treatment of Animals) and ISO(International Organisation for Standardisation)

Carbon Neutrality

All shipping of Ozeano products is carbon-neutral, via either Sendle or Australia Post. Sendle partner with South Pole Group to offset the emissions of every parcel that is picked up and delivered, supporting emissions reduction projects here in Australia and across the world. Australia Post purchase carbon offset credits, mostly in Australia, to match the calculated emissions for the deliveries provided. 

We are currently working on becoming a carbon-neutral certified company, expected to be granted by the end of 2020, meaning our entire business and operations will be certified as net zero emissions.