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Slow fashion – Encompassing ethics and sustainable environment.

Their goal was to create fashion for travellers both male and female who could wear clothing that is stylish, comfortable and practical whilst travelling. The priority behind the brand was to ensure sustainability and ethics. Therefore all the items are made out of beautiful organic bamboo or hemp materials. They are manufactured ethically by a small family business. Ensuring the impact on both human and environment is as minimal as possible in the clothing industry.

In the fast pace world we live in we tend to get caught up and forget about our environment and our impact. The way we see it is - as humans we are only on this earth for a short time, however in this short time our impact is significant. It can be for the better or it can be detrimental to the future of this planet. Depending on which you decided to take. 

So their mission became travel wear for the conscious traveller - combining style and comfort.

They have designed a collection of pieces that are basic yet sophisticated. The timeless items we love to travel in. Ethically and sustainably created.





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