Kelp & Co. was founded in 2018, by 23 year old Millie with the vision to give skin care a makeover (pardon the pun). The beauty industry can be really ugly, becoming one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste & over-packaging globally. Whilst some plastic is necessary, a lot quite frankly isn’t. Nor are the boxes within boxes of unnecessary packaging, that have become common place, as brands try to outdo each other with the biggest and best unboxing experience. The result – a wasteful industry that is anything but beautiful.

Sure Kelp & Co. are trying to reduce plastic & packaging waste, but as if that matters if our skincare sucks. Luckily, Kelp & Co. think they’ve got that right. They started by choosing incredible natural ingredients that they love – Australian clay, aloe vera & kelp. They then set about creating vegan skincare, that is not only animal free but also sustainable & cruelty-free. The result, the amazing Kelp & Co. face mask! We love it and hope you will too.