Where is the Key to Harry Styles’ Heart? 🔑

Wondering how to get to Harry Styles’ heart? Don’t worry. It may be easier than you ever imagined.

No, you don’t need to love and know how to play Fifa. And no you don’t need to get blonde hair to match that of Taylor Swift’s. All you need is the right key that opens the door to his heart. A fan named Sarah did it and showed us how too.

Back in August 2013, Sarah met Styles at a One Direction meet and greet in Las Vegas. She had something extraordinary and meaningful to her and had decided to pay it forward to him. During the meet and greet, she went up to him, passed on her TRUTH Giving Key and explained to him the meaning of the keys and what it meant to her. Harry being the humble guy he is thanked Sarah and accepted it. Since then, Harry Styles has been spotted wearing the Giving Key a few times.

Right from the beginning, Harry has been a firm believer of Fundamentals. The ex-One Directioner once said that “more than anything, my sole purpose as an artist is to be truthful and honest. I hadn’t done that before”. That is probably why Sarah’s story of the giving keys unlocked the doors to his heart. After all, how you stick by the Truth is the �Sign of the Times’.

The concept of the giving keys has been on for a while and has not only touched Harry Styles’ heart but has also touched several other celebrities and individual’s heart. Established by actress-singer Caitlin Crosby, the brand and the meaning it carries has led to a huge celebrity following in no time. Stars such as Selena Gomez, Zac Effron, Amal Clooney, Emma Watson, YouTuber Liza Koshy etc. have been spotted carrying the keys several times.

The Giving Keys offers an extensive collection of jewellery crafted from repurposed keys. Each piece has a different message engraved- Truth, Love, Brave, Believe, etc. What makes these old accessories distinctive is its purpose: Get a key when you need a little inspiration, then gift it to someone who needs it more. It’s pure but selfless. What’s more is that it is upcycled and employs the marginalised.

Pounding on positive words over and over again for hours can improve a person’s well-being, hope, and motivation. And when you know that each of the unique keys is paid forward to people who need inspiration, it makes us all feel so grateful that we are part of a movement.

Embrace your word, Pay it Forward!

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