To wear Kopal is to enjoy the journey.

It brings us immense pleasure to announce that Kopal is now a part of the TH clan!

Kopal is a well-curated, and a well-traveled brand that is designed in NY and handmade by artisans in India, and now based in the idyllic coastal town of Byron Bay.
Drawn to the joys of a simpler lifestyle, the label is a reflection of creative director, Kopal’s own life.
KOPAL, which means ‘newborn leaf’ in Sanskrit, embodies a new, more considerate approach to clothing that is worlds away from today’s mass market and fast-fashion.

The label pulls from Kopal’s keen eye for design, and her passion for sustaining the ancient traditions of India. When Kopal designs, she takes us on a journey. From the vivid colours and wild energy of her native India, to the clean lines and luxury of the NY fashion industry, and throughout the sights seen on her travels through Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, and Morocco.

Inspired by sustainable and traditional methods, they use the highest quality cotton and natural dyes, paying homage to a rich culture and heritage of craft, developed for centuries by generations of skilled artisans, passed down within their homes in the villages of India. The use of ethical materials certifies them with Thread Harvest’s Eco-Friendly Impact Badge.
Concerned by the increasing loss of these traditions and techniques, Kopal produces each collection with an ecosystem made up of India’s finest makers, crafters, and artisans.

Born and raised in India, Kopal’s mission is to empower, sustain, and create livelihoods in the rural villages in India in which she works.
Spending 4–6 months a year in India, Kopal works hand in hand with artisans in villages to make each and every piece. From partnerships with Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), the Widows of Vrindavan, to working with all-natural dyes and fabrics and antique traditions, Kopal is working to create a sustainable and impactful clothing line—one piece at a time. This proves that Kopal deserves Thread Harvest’s Living Wage and Empowering Women Impact Badges for their considerable ongoing effort in building on a sustainable supply chain.

Designer, traveler, and passionate advocate of the sustainability of artisan craft, creative director Kopal is a force. Raised in India, Kopal found inspiration everywhere. From the vibrant urban street hustle, through to the colourful and rich cultural traditions embedded in everyday life. Sparked with a passion for design, she found herself in New York City attending the Fashion Institute of Technology where she honed her skills in design, styling, photography and fabric selection.

“Understanding why we make our product, to us, is just as important as understanding how we make it—as well as the effects and benefits that each Kopal garment creates.”


Their indigenous skills, which would otherwise be lost, are preserved by adapting them to contemporary requirements, thereby integrating them into the new economy.
Spending months each year in India sourcing and partnering with socially responsible enterprises, creative director Kopal ensures that every angle of the label has equal parts style and heart.


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