The Penguins Will Thank You For It.

I have this reoccurring joke with my barista.

Every time I forget to bring my reusable coffee cup, he always responds with “Well you’ve just killed another penguin!”

We laugh it off as he hands me my coffee in the takeaway cup that I know if not good for the environment, but the reality is that his comment, is not so far removed from the truth.

After all, many a truth is said in jest.

According to the Victorian government sustainability website, the number of coffee cups used by Australians each year would stretch around the world twice! And that is just Australia! And to add insult to injury the majority of those cups circling the globe are not recyclable.

So yes, there is a very real chance I just killed a penguin. Or a whale. Or a seal.

All jokes aside, we are facing a very real issue. Which is why, at Thread Harvest, we are committed to making sure you have a choice. Because choosing better will lead to a better world, not just for us, but also for the penguins. 

Our are proud and excited to welcome 321 Water to the the TH family. 321 Water set out to offer a better alternative to bottled water, their name comes from the fact that "It requires 3 litres of water in order to produce 1 non-reusable water bottle.”

Their drive was not only to provide a reusable water bottle but one that was stylish and consumers would love to use over and over again. 

They then expanded their collection to include Uppercup:

“Sustainable. Durable. Ethical. The Uppercup is 100% Australian made and designed. Uppercup is made from the highest quality, BPA free Eastman Tritan copolyester. With an insulate wall, your coffee will stay warm and your fingers cool. Designed by baristas for people who love coffee, the concave bottom means you can have a perfectly poured coffee every time.”

Put simply, it’s a coffee cup that will make you feel good and look good because you’re doing good, all at the same time.

Shop the range here on Thread Harvest

321 Water meets the following Impact Badges:

Eco Friendly | Empowering Women | Living Wage

So why not save a penguin or two and pick up an Uppercup. The penguins will thank you for it.



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