The New Corporate – Our Top Tips For Working From Home

Think back, way back, to when we were all donning our blazers and briefcases, keep cup in hand, racing to get to the office on time.

Well, those days are over my friends – at least for a little while anyway. We now find ourselves in this strange new era. Rolling out of bed and into our home office. Have we brushed our teeth? Who cares! Are we wearing pants? It’s anyone’s guess!

I don’t know about you, but the novelty of the home office quickly wore off. There are only so many Zoom calls you can endure before you start to feel a little loopy.

So, in the interest of staying inspired, motivated and productive, we’ve collated a list of our top tips for working from home.

  1. Curate your new uniform.

Yep. You actually have to get dressed. Now, I’m not suggesting you have to be in your corporate wear, nor am I suggesting that you can’t wear your slippers. This is all about preparing for the day and holding on to some sense of normalcy. If you want to be productive, dress the part. Put on an outfit that is comfortable, functional and that makes you feel good. Stuck on what that might mean? Well, you’ve come to the right spot, we’ve curated our work-from-home essentials just for you!

  1. Set up your space.

Even if you’re not equipped with a fully functioning home office, there are small improvements you can make to ensure your work space feels calm, organised and enjoyable to work in. Ditch the clutter, keep things clear and add a candle to keep things smelling lovely and feeling relaxed.

  1. Make a plan.

For many, this working-from-home business is unchartered territory. Do I work my regular hours? Am I expected to do everything I regularly would? How many cups of tea is too many?! Make a plan and try your best to stick to it. Discuss with your boss or your team, exactly what they expect of you. Plan out your day and include breaks. Set a reasonable to do list and work diligently. Eliminate distractions, work hard on the tasks you’ve set and take your breaks away from your work space.

  1. Stay connected.

Working from home doesn’t mean disconnecting from anyone and everyone. It can quickly start to feel isolating, especially if you’re used to a bustling office. Take opportunities to check in with your work mates. Give them a call during the day, get their thoughts and input as you need it, collaborate! Actively participate in those Zoom calls, send out an email to boost morale. Do what you can to stay connected with your team.

Before we know it, we’ll be back to the hustle and bustle. For now, we have the chance to slow down a little. Take it. Enjoy it. We’re cheering you on, from our cosy little home office, to yours.

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