One For The Road

This week we’re welcoming One For The Road to the TH fam bam!

This travel inspired label will have you exploring the world in beautifully designed ethical fabrics that do not skimp on style. Designed with the traveler in mind, their clothes will go the distance with you as you endeavour to conquer the world. Be it in your own backyard or further aboard, this merino wool label will be your best travelling companion yet.

What really caught our attention is One For The Road’s commitment to total supply chain transparency and sustainability.

“We are mindful about every single step of production. From the sheep we source our wool from, to the factories that create our apparel, you can be sure that every link in our production chain is kept thriving and beaming. Although charity can provide immediate relief to people in need, our goal is more long-term: to create sustainable employment opportunities that can permanently lift people out of poverty. We carefully seek out and employ artisans in developing countries, aiming to nurture a demand for their skills and empower their communities to prosper.

I don’t know about you, but their clothes alone inspire me to dust off the backpack and get exploring again!

One For The Road meet our Eco-Friendly, Empowering Women, Living Wage and Charity Supporting Impact badges.

Check out this awesome unisex range!