Introducing Souten Clothing Co 👗

Souten Clothing Co was borne out of a personal desire to shop more ethically by owner Talitha O’Connor. When she struggled to find items, she preferred brands with clear and ethical supply chains, and thus, she decided to make my own.


Every step of the process is transparent, from how the base fabrics are made, through to manufacturing and shipping. They strive to make each step as sustainable and ethical as possible, from the cotton being grown by a collective of organic cotton farmers in north-eastern India to the garments arriving at your door in packaging made from recycled materials. The Eco Friendly Impact Badge is awarded to brands which make a continuous effort in using planet-friendly materials. The use of organic cotton and recycled materials has helped Souten Clothing Co achieve the Thread Harvest certification.

Souten Clothing Co creates effortless and playful garments in sizes 6 to 18 for wearers of women’s clothing, with a focus on ethical consumerism and transparent manufacturing.

Souten Clothing Co believes that fashion is a feminist issue; 80% of garment workers are women, and 75% of fashion purchases are made by women. This continuous effort of uplifting and recognising the efforts of women has made them sure the Empowering Women Impact Badge.

They believe the best way to support women the world over is to educate them. 10% to 50% of the profits of each item are donated to One Girl, which provides education for girls in the developing world. “Approximately half of our collection is manufactured in India by Saheli Women – a social enterprise that gives women marketable skills and economic independence and supports all their daughters to complete schoolâ€? adds Talitha.

Contributing to One Girl and Saheli Women are cause supporting gestures which make Souten proud owners of the Charity Supporting Impact Badge.

Souten Clothing Co is committed to fair labour practices and ensures that no modern slavery exists in their supply chains. All garments are made by people who have a safe, supportive, working environment, and are paid a living wage. In India, people are also provided with healthcare, and life skills workshops (with topics like finance and menstrual hygiene). Fair Trade Impact Badge was awarded to Souten Clothing Co for influencing their supply chain positively.
Introducing Souten Clothing Co.

Clothes by Souten are exclusively sold online, and we are glad to be one of their partners. The company is Australian run and owned, it operates out of Northcote, in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. Check out their entire collection here

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