Introducing Mokosh ?

Dr Marion O’Leary, a former veterinarian, pathologist and medical scientist started looking at the ingredients in skin care products. The more she researched, the more concerned she became about the long-term health effects of exposure to these ingredients.

Firstly, she discovered that potentially harmful preservatives are required to give any sort of shelf-life to a product. What’s more, other synthetic ingredients, many of which are derived from environmentally damaging palm oil, are needed to stabilise the oil-water emulsion.

She decided it was time to reinvent the way we make and use skin care.

A short time later she met Jayne Bland, who has years of experience and passion for all things organic, and soon they began working together. Jayne introduced her to the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, which inspired and influenced how they formulated Mokosh products.

Combining this western approach with knowledge from the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, they have formulated unique products that work in tandem with your body’s healing and regenerative systems. Your skin will respond with enhanced resilience, vibrance and health, revealing its own unique natural beauty.

Introducing Mokosh

The result is 10 years of research and experimenting, refining and perfecting the range. They don’t compromise on what goes into their products – only the purest ethically sourced botanicals,100% certified organic and the most beneficial ingredients; nor do they compromise on what stays out – strictly free of preservatives, other synthetic ingredients and plastic packaging will never be a part of Mokosh products.

The utilisation of recyclable glass and paper in their packaging, making sure that the ingredients and products are not tested on animals and using only the best of botanicals, they have achieved the Eco-Friendly Impact Badge from Thread Harvest.

Mokosh uses fair trade shea butter, cacao butter, coconut oil and coconut flour in their products. Buying fair trade means producers receive a higher price, ensure better working conditions, fair pay for women and children, and a higher chance of access to education. This has helped them achieve the Fair Trade Impact Badge from Thread Harvest.

Mokosh donates regularly to social and environmental causes. Over the years with their Charity Supporting initiatives they have supported The Orangutan Project, Amnesty International, The Red Cross and The Thin Green Line Foundation. Currently, they are supporting  One Girl, whose mission is to educate girls in Africa. This effort of philanthropy has helped them achieve the Charity Supporting Impact Badge.

Introducing Mokosh

They launched Mokosh in 2006, as one of the world’s handful of preservative-free, synthetic-free, palm oil free brands.

Introducing Mokosh