Introducing Kannbar: Traditional art blended with modern designs ?

A brand of premium bags and accessories for women handcrafted in India.

When Barbara, the co-founder of Kannbar approached us. We immediately felt a connection as she understood that we had the power in our hands to transform the fashion industry for the better.  

She says “Fast fashion not only has a tragic influence on the environment and the makers lives in the developing countries, but also causes the traditional art forms to sink into oblivion.” she further added “To speed up the making process and lower the cost, manufacturers choose the machines over the artisans and compromise on the quality and durability of their products.”

Kannbar has taken the initiative to focus on the beauty of the traditional art and blend it with modern designs, keeping in mind the originality and durability of the products.

The aim at Kannbar is to create unique handbags and accessories that will remain timeless.

All bags are made of natural leather and dhurrie, a handwoven fabric made on the flat looms by the artisans in India. Famously known for the centuries and adorned by the Persian-Mughals and Rajput royalties in India.

Kannbar launched its latest “Esha Collection” inspired by the four elements of nature known in Hinduism for thousands of years. Each colour of the aesthetically designed clutches, mini-slings and totes symbolise the element where bright yellow denotes fire, deep blue symbolises water, grey is earth and the off-white is for air.

Kannbar denotes bespoke individuality which you can hold in your hands.

“We are quite a young brand but with each collection, we are trying to improve and our mission is to become more sustainable and more eco-friendly.” – Founder of Kannbar.

This year, Kannbar is introducing more traditional art forms and involving more artisans in projects as they believe there is no better way to support them than hiring at the fair conditions.