Introducing Cork Element

We are ecstatic to welcome Cork Element to our Thread Harvest family.

Handmade in Portugal, Cork Element proudly boasts of having all it’s products eco-friendly, water proof, and durable.

Cork Element is the result of the effort and the union of three young entrepreneurs who in late 2019 decided to create the brand. All three of them, although from different backgrounds, but with a common goal of helping to create a greener planet have founded this beautiful ethical business.


The brand’s mission is to contribute to the protection of nature and animals. Buying sustainable products reduces the human ecological footprint, contributing to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. Also, cork is a better and natural substitute for leather helping to reduce animal cruelty. Due to these efforts, they have managed to attain the Eco-Friendly Impact Badge.


Their products have designs that mix elegance and minimalist style, mostly with earthy colors inspired by nature. Each Cork Element piece is an expression of good composition and Portuguese craftsmanship manufactured by artisans with the utmost love and care. Mostly women makers which enable them to achieve the Empowering Women and Living Wage Impact Badges.

The products by Cork Element are renewable, eco-friendly, water resistant and beautifully designed for the fashion-conscious individual. By wearing cork, you are helping to prevent the desertification of cork oak forests, which numerous endangered species call home.


With your choice of fashion you get a better alternative for leather and save so many animal species.

Make a sustainable choice and shop the Cork Element Collection.


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