Introducing CANO Shoes: Comfy and Unique with a Touch of Fairness

 The amazing world of perfect shoe craftsmanship… We are not talking European French Calf leather. 

We are talking about the traditional Mexican craftsmanship of handmade huaraches, made by talented artisans and supported by the visions of CANO founders Lukas and Philipp.

Take a look below – beautifully hand-woven shoes. Using only a knitting needle, it requires up to 6 hours of weaving to create a single pair of these carefully assembled shoes. Not only is this traditional technique of weaving huaraches an effortless style to match with your outfits, it’s also sustainable and helps support these talented artisans to keep doing what they do!

Lukas and Philipp's inspiring vision is to encourage creations of sustainable fashion - meaning fair working conditions for their artisans, vegetable tanning of leather, and minimizing wastefulness.
It’s only fair not to waste the beautiful, traditional methods of perfect craftsmanship. Take a look at how amazing and delicate these pieces are below. Can you believe that these wonderful shoes are made just by hands? Without any machine? Pure talent is what this is.

For those who don’t know much about vegetable tanning, it is the most traditional, environmentally friendly and natural method of all leather tanning methods. The process itself requires a lot of skill, time and patience, enhancing the quality of leather products. As they age, each piece has a unique transformation in colour and feel.

CANO’s love for the world is clear. They promise to deliver ethics, sustainability, and transparency through high-quality fashion. How? You might ask. Read on.

By now, you may have surely noticed that these shoes are produced with a unique weaving technique. Other than unique patterns and sense of fashion, Lukas and Philipp strongly believe in reducing waste and taking care of the only world we have. Unlike traditional shoemaking methods that tend to throw away leftover leather, huaraches use leather strands and minimizes wastefulness by utilizing most parts of the leather. Absolutely amazing.
Through their vision and products, fashion can be fun, exciting, unique, comfortable, sustainable and high quality all at the same time. They come in different colours and styles for all genders.  What do you think of these shoes?

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