Pineapple is the new leather??Introducing: Ahimsa Collective

Leather has had a shocking environmental impact on the world, because of its mass production and chemical tanning. However, Ahmisa Collective realised this could not continue but knew that PVC alternatives were not the solution.

They were driven to research a sustainable alternative!

Inspired by the abundance of natural resources, including the use of plant fibres in traditional weaving such as the delicate Barong Tagalog garments, Ahimsa Collective adopted a new, non-woven textile that could be commercially produced, provide positive social and economic impact and maintain a low environmental footprint throughout its lifecycle – thus, the choice of Piñatex®.

Piñatex® is made of fibre from the leaves of the pineapple plant. These leaves are discarded from the pineapple harvest, so the raw material requires no additional environmental resources to produce.

The use of pineapple leaf fibre, an agricultural waste product, provides the opportunity to build a scalable commercial industry for developing farming communities, with minimal environmental impact.

So that’s an introduction to the new kind of leather, but who is Ahimsa Collective?

Sanskrit, from ‘A‘ non/without + ‘HIMSA‘ violence/harm.
‘Ahimsa’ because we aim to place no suffering on the planet nor its inhabitants.

‘Collective’ because this isn’t a movement exclusive to us. It involves every single human to make changes to their consumption and help stop the world from exploding.
They are a trio of sassy marketers, commercial designers and production specialists. combining our skill sets and passion to save the world.

Under this guiding principle, Ahmisa Collective will only ever work with certified Ethical factories and where possible, produce locally here in Australia with people they know and trust.

One bio-degradable, waste-free vegan-leather tote at a time.
For every sale of an Ahimsa Collective item, they donate $5.00 to a local Australian charity ( GhostNets Australia) – who are trying to do their bit and also give back.

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