Have Yourself a Merry Ethical Christmas

So it’s Christmas.

Which means we arm ourselves with comfortable shoes and a wad of cash to splurge on gifts for those nearest and dearest to us. With elbows locked and ready to hustle we launch ourselves into hurried, stress-filled shopping centres as we duck and weave the crowds, using shopping bags as weapons, to find the perfect gift.

The thought of it alone makes me anxious!

There has to be a better way to find those one of a kind, perfect gifts and be able to bring a little more love and a little more light back into Christmas!

What if this year, instead of just giving a gift for the sake of having to give a gift, we saw this as an opportunity to do more? To give in two ways rather than just one?

When you shop ethically, especially from those brands that are social enterprises, you give in two ways. First of all to the person whom which you intended the gift for and the second is to the person who made the item for you to purchase. By purchasing ethically you can ensure that someone in a developing nation will also be able to provide for their family this Christmas.

A lot of people will use the excuse that it’s very expensive to shop for ethical gifts or that money is tight at this time of year and we completely understand! We don’t want anything to stop you from doing good this festive season so we have implemented Afterpay – a fast and easy way to receive your order today and pay the balance off in 4 easy payments. It’s available to all our Australian customers and an easy anf convenient way to manage your gift-giving budget!

But it doesn’t stop there! Some other great ways to have a merry ethical Christmas are found in your home. You can make a positive impact on the environment by recycling wrapping paper from last year or creating your own cards. Our friends at Good On You have come up with 50 tips on how to create the ultimate sustainable and ethical Christmas.

So whether it’s through your gifts or through your thoughtful creativity, there are many ways to ensure this Christmas is an ethical one because after all, Christmas is about loving others and sharing in the Light of The World.

We hope you have a very merry ethical Christmas!

The Team at Thread Harvest xx