From New York To Catwalks…

It’s amazing what a little passion can achieve.

After resigning from his very comfortable banking job in New York and moving back home, Prateek found himself on a creative journey, dreaming and brainstorming about starting his own brand centered around his love for design and fashion.

Prateek set out in an unconventional way, without a formal business plan but with pure passion to drive his idea and took a “sink or swim” mentality.

 “Rather than following the “traditional” model of starting a business, I just tried to apply common sense and research to figure things out as they came up. Whereas the design aspect came very instinctively and I completely surrendered to that passion. I’ve found that the best way of learning is by doing. You ought to jump in the water to learn how to swim.”

Doing the typical side-hustle approach, Prateek worked weekends and after hours to refine his designs and learn everything he needed to in order to get his brand, now known as Brown Boy, off the ground. Being an ethical label existed at the very core of Brown Boy from the start and Social Entrepreneurship is a key element to their founding principle.

“We are 100% Fair Trade and absolutely do not indulge in sweatshops. Knowing how rooted exploitation is within the clothing industry we had to be the change we wanted to see.”

As a self-funded brand and Brown Boy focusses on creating amazing products and let the quality and style of them do the talking.

We love their designs and think you will too (in fact we already do – before we were able to properly launch the brand, someone brought one of their T-Shirt! #eager)

You can check them out in our Eco-Friendly, Empowering Women, Living Wage and Fair Trade collections!