Checking in with Folktribe

Another week navigating this strange new world and we’re feeling inspired by the beautiful brands that make up the Thread Harvest family. We checked in with Em from Folktribe to hear more about what they’ve been up to.

TH: What is one thing you’d love to say to customers right now?
Folktribe: I know a lot of people are saying this but it’s such a crucial time to support your local. We will get through this together & I know personally we’re trying to support other local & small businesses because we know how important they are. If you can’t afford to make a purchase, words & messages of support in a time like this are appreciated & help us fight through this.

TH: What positive impacts has your brand had so far this year?
Folktribe: We are part of the #wewearaustralian campaign, 5% of our sales processed through the campaign will be donated to Thread Together. The initiative focuses on supporting Australian fashion labels through this hardship & Thread Together distributes excess stock to people who need it most in the community.

TH: What an incredible initiative! Can you share a good news story with us?
Folktribe: Kel & I are so excited that we were featured in Vogue at the start of March! It was such an incredible moment being able to read about our label and ethos in such an influential fashion publication. This year has been a rollercoaster of good and bad, but at the end of the day we’re so thankful we can keep offering these hemp garments to our customers.

TH: When someone buys a product from Folktribe, what kind of impact does it have?
Folktribe: Whilst in isolation it gets me off the couch to do a little happy dance! For us it’s not just about the sale, it’s that you have given us the opportunity to create a timeless piece to be added to your wardrobe. We’re always so grateful for this opportunity & it brings us so much joy to make these garments for you.

TH: What’s your top work-from-home tip?
Folktribe: Enjoy the time you get to spend in your space, life is often so chaotic & this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the little things. It can be hard but try to keep a routine and make sure there’s some time for yourself in there away from the screen, whether you want to meditate, go for a walk or just sit & enjoy a hot drink, this time is just for you. Lastly, make sure you keep in touch with your friends and family!

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