Checking In with Cloth & Co

At Thread Harvest, we’re proud to partner with brands that are passionate about creating positive change in the fashion industry and beyond. In these crazy times, it can be difficult to focus on the good, but that’s exactly what we’re all about. We want to share the good news stories with you; the stories of positive impact and hope. Here’s Daisy from Cloth & Co.

TH: What is one thing you’d love to say to customers right now?
Daisy: We want our customers to know that our number one priority is for our makers to be safe and stay well, we are with them for the long term and we will all get through this together. We are using this time to reflect and ensure that everything we do is with purpose and in the best interests of our people and the planet.

TH: What positive impacts has Cloth & Co had so far this year?
Daisy: Working with artisans and marginalised communities has a significant impact, not only on the individuals but also their families. Cloth & Co. have partnered with Offset Earth to become a more responsible, climate friendly and carbon-neutral business. We have planted 100 mangrove trees in Madagascar to regenerate this area. The planting of these trees has removed 2 tonnes of CO2.

TH: Share some good news with us!
Daisy: We are so excited to have partnered with Master G in India for our new hand loomed linen collection (to be launched once we get to the other side of this Pandemic). Master G brings women from low income communities and fashion clients together to engage in the field of design and production. Through their comprehensive training, women enable themselves to challenge societal norms and earn a dignified livelihood. This group will be producing all of our garments in small batches using linen that has been hand loomed by weavers in a village outside Bangalore. This collection is literally changing these women’s lives.

TH: That’s incredible! When someone buys a product from your brand, what kind of impact does it have?
Daisy: Cloth & Co. was founded to support dignified employment of women, producing garments and hand loomed scarves that contribute to the wellbeing of communities and have a minimal impact on the environment. Everything we produce is made to last and is literally compostable when it does come to the end of it’s life. We are on a continual mission to find ways to improve how we produce what we consider everyday essentials that are Made For Good.

TH: What is your top tip for working from home/staying connected during this time?
Daisy: Self Care needs to be a priority during these times, having a routine and taking time out for exercise mental health. Try and minimise your intake of news and social media, (support quality journalism like The Guardian) information overload can get overwhelming and cause anxiety. Call friends & family regularly – think of those who are more vulnerable and suffer loneliness or depression, they need your support. FaceTime and Zoom is a great way to feel connected.

We’ve been using the time to reflect on what really matters in life, get back to basics and support local and small businesses. We are more determined than ever to build a sustainable and forward looking business model rooted in empowering women and saving the environment.

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