Checking in with Cano

We’ve loved the chance to check in with some of our incredible Thread Harvest brands. The teams behind these brands are working tirelessly to create a fashion industry that is empowering, sustainable and that creates a positive impact. We caught up with Cano to see how they’re going!

TH: What is one thing you’d love to say to customers right now?
CANO: Be patient, stay positive and be there for the people that you love. This also includes small businesses like the bakery that brings fresh croissants on your Sunday breakfast table, the stalls at the farmers market that supply you with your daily groceries or the small artisanal brands that make your favourite clothes. We are all in this together and need to support our fellows wherever we can.

TH: What positive impacts has Cano had so far this year?
CANO: We teamed up with some other conscious brands to create the “Hero Week” and together we donated to the Corona Emergency Fund of the German Red Cross.

TH: Share some good news with us!
CANO: We have increased our production by 30% as a reaction to the COVID-19 situation in order to support our partners and ensure the livelihood of our artisans for the next months.

TH: That’s incredible! When someone buys a product from your brand, what kind of impact does it have?
CANO: They are helping to preserve traditional craftsmanship and ensure that the artisans, who have learnt their outstanding handcrafting skills can continue to pass on this tradition to the next generations under fair and ethical working conditions.

*Please note that at the time of writing (May 8th) Cano is unable to fulfil orders due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please check their products on Thread Harvest for updates.

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