Checking in with Bushy Underwear

Our pal Monty from Bushy Underwear knows a thing or two about self-care and banding together as community! Read on for an update from the brand and some tried and tested ways to look after yourself.

TH: What is one thing you’d love to say to customers right now?
BUSHY: Buying local means supporting the resilience of local communities over this turbulent period. Now so more than ever it’s important to turn to local businesses for solutions to problems you may have turned externally for in the past. You may be quietly surprised with what you find. This isn’t a time for me, it’s a time for we.

TH: What positive impacts has Bushy Underwear had so far this year?
BUSHY: At the start of the year we were able to raise a few thousand dollars for bushfire affected communities in Gippsland. We are also in the process of collaborating with a selection of social enterprises within Melbourne and also Australia to share opportunities on positive actions we can take throughout 2020.

TH: Amazing! When someone buys a product from your brand, what kind of impact does it have?
BUSHY: Buying from BUSHY means you’ve instantly made a drastically reduced environmental impact on the planet compared to buying from fast fashion brands. You’re having a positive impact on local manufacturing in Australia. Keeping people employed locally. And you’re supporting slow fashion and the reduction in chemical pollutants being put into the environment through unethical manufacturing practices.

TH: What is your top tip for working from home/staying connected during this time?
BUSHY: Remember to set small achievable goals everyday. Positive habits that have a snowball effect over time. For me every morning I do 10 minutes of Wim Hof breathing followed by 20 minutes of Yoga with my partner. Our mental and physical health are the two most important tools we have to nurture over this time!

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