Checking in with Allerton Swimwear

Another week, another check in! We had a chat with Pirra from Allerton Swimwear and were again reminded of the importance of staying connected and reaching out. Whether this time of social distancing and isolation brings creativity and innovation or you’re resting up and have a lower output than normal – we’re standing with you. Take care of yourself and check in with those you love.

TH: What is one thing you’d love to say to customers right now?
ALLERTON: Use this time to strengthen your relationship with yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to reach out when you’re feeling low.

TH: What positive impacts has Allerton Swimwear had so far this year?
ALLERTON: (It’s been a pretty tough year!!) We love to be continually recognised for our ethical and eco friendly values and are proud to be part of the alternative to destructive fast fashion.

TH: When someone buys a product from Allerton, what kind of impact does it have?
ALLERTON: We’re proud to be supporting Fashion Revolution Week and love sharing our behind the scenes with our customers. We aim for sustainability and every decision we make considers ethical and environmental impacts. Our customers don’t have to trust that we are doing the best we can, they can reach out to us or check our website & socials for details on our transparency promise. Every piece is made from recycled fabric locally in Sydney.

TH: What is your top tip for working from home/staying connected during this time?
ALLERTON: Don’t be too hard on yourself

Make sure to support Aussie-made brand and grab a few pieces for your workout kit. PS. Most of their items are on sale on Thread Harvest right now, don’t miss out!

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