Celebrating International Women’s Day at Thread Harvest

International Women’s Day is a chance to celebrate and honour the women who make our worlds go round. Should we acknowledge and cheer them on beyond this one designated date? Absolutely! Should we make the most of this special chance to applaud the women we love? YES!

Thread Harvest exists due to the hard work and determination of a stellar group of people. Today, we want to celebrate two of the wonder women on our team; meet Jesh and Khush.

LADIES! Tell me, what is your role at Thread Harvest?

JESH: Well, I started off interning as a Finance Coordinator which soon evolved into me having my own little department here at TH! I have been able to transcend my capabilities from just accounting to meddling into data analytics and providing valuable finance-related feedback, all that in just one year!

KHUSH: So, I started as an intern handling social media, and then moved onto e-commerce and now I’m currently the Account Manager for all the local brands here in Australia!

JESH: At Thread Harvest, we all have our individualities, but we work as a well-oiled machine.

What is your favourite part about being on the Thread Harvest team?

KHUSH: One of the most meaningful things I love about being here is the flexibility and understanding that everyone has towards each other. The motto of our directors is not only to make the company grow, but to help each of us grow individually from every aspect. And that is their number one priority.

JESH: Okay, it has to be the ‘butterflies and cockroaches’ part. Let me explain…we normally start off our day with a catch-up session (and coffee!) where we each recollect and share the high and low of our week, also known as butterflies and cockroaches. Despite being quite a reserved person, this proved to be my favourite time of our day and makes me feel really close to the team. I literally refer to the TH team as my Aussie family and that’s so beautiful.

What is the BEST thing about being a woman?

JESH: To be honest, I have never really given this much thought. But, would I choose to be a woman again in my next life? Absolutely! I don’t exactly know why, but I am grateful to be a woman – a girl, my parent’s daughter, an elder sister and someday a mother. I would not want to change any of these roles!

KHUSH: We women are very important and should realize how powerful we are. We have the ability to bring life into the world. No one would exist if it wasn’t for us – haha! As women, I feel our intuitions have the power to make us compassionate towards others.

What advice would you give your 12 year old self?

KHUSH: I would tell myself to be fearless and to try new things and experiment with things as much as possible. This is something I follow; we should never feel we are too old to try something new.

JESH: 12-year old Jesh needed to know that there are great things in store for her. She may be shy right now, but being introverted needs not to be seen as a weakness; that’s just how you function or how you recharge yourself – underneath that, there is and there has always been confidence. And please, have some fun!!!

What is your favourite Thread Harvest brand or product at the moment?!

JESH: I think it tends to sway between No Nasties and Tasi Travels. Their aesthetic is in line with my personal fashion choices. I am all for comfort, laid back and sometimes loose-fitting clothing; they do provide some wonderful pieces all while honouring our impact badges.

KHUSH: The Giving Keys. They are not only an accessory, but they hold a lot of meaning. They have certain words engraved onto a key pendant that you can choose to unlock one of the problematic locks in your life. And once you believe you have accomplished it, you can pass it onto to someone else that you believe needs it.

We hope you take the time today (and every other day) to cheer on the women in your life.

‘There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish’ – Michelle Obama

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Happy International Women’s Day.