Be Susthetical, Wear AntiVice

It’s said that in the 21st century clothes aren’t going to change the world ! But a woman, Rosie Bourke has surely shown us how. With her brand AntiVice Studio, she brings the remedies to all the nastiness in the world of fashion. With new things coming up every second, she has managed to grab our attention with her clothing line. Hence, the introduction of AntiVice into our family of Ethical Fashion at Thread Harvest. In addition, this new relationship with AntiVice will support four of our Impact Badges: Organic, Fair Trade Conditions, Eco-Friendly & Living Wage.

AntiVice is a young youth orientated fashion brand made for the millennials by a millennial. It is made to inspire and empower young people to make a difference and set the trend of “we’re/wear the change”.

With AV joining us in weaving the wide tapestry of life, it is leading us closer to creating the masterpiece of change we’ve wanted. This is made possible by supporting our beliefs and values. The first value AV reflects is their commitment to sustainability. They use quality materials over cheaper materials. They currently use organic GOTS cotton which allows all the products to be hand or machine washed. No dry cleaning is needed. No clips, frillings or buttons are used to make washing and repair easier, hence the clothes will last till eternity lessening the environmental impact. Furthermore, no chemicals are used to preserve products and they strive to minimize the environmental impact of transportation of goods. Some of the things they ensure are: transporting goods by sea only, eliminate plastic during transportation, not use “Russian doll” packaging style, use lightweight materials to reduce emission and use recyclable packing wherever possible.

The second value we share is Fair Trade. Manufacturing industries today indulge in several non- ethical working conditions. They’ve forgotten that ensuring the lives of all the people who help produce the products are respected and cared for is essential. AV challenges this culture by protecting basic rights, following fair payment, ensuring opportunities for disadvantaged farmers etc. Visit the AntiVice page to see a list of principles they abide to: AntiVice

Together with AntiVice we aim to make you look good ethically. Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress SUSTHETICALLY (Sustainably + Ethically) and there’s not a thing they’ll forget, just like AntiVice. Are you ready to be Antivicious? Anti the hate in the world? Anti neglection? Anti cruelty? And Anti Discrimination?