At The Cor

Our latest Brand Partner to join the TH fam-bam brings with them vibrancy and colour with a fierce commitment to sustainability. “Cor” means “Colour” in Portuguese and this brand certainly is bathed in its name.

Founded in East London in 2016 by Australian artist/designer Jaz Hunt, Cor was inspired by Jaz’s upbringing in Byron Bay and emerged as a way to bring warmth and colour to the dark London winters.

Committed to making positive change, collections are designed with longevity in mind. Cor draws inspiration from art and modern design. Fabrics are sustainably printed with Jaz’s paintings.

All collections are ethically manufactured, made using only sustainable and renewable fibers.

At Cor, they believe that sustainability begins with design with a focus on practicality, functionality, timeless style, and durability. In order to design for the future, they stay away from trends, aesthetically keeping designs modern but not far removed from classic so that pieces do not date.

Cor uses sustainable digital printing processes without producing any wastewater, effluent or use large amounts of energy. High-end biodegradable pigment inks (Eco Passport) are used, which is the first of it’s kind on a commercial scale in Indonesia. Dye lots for linings and pockets use OEKO-TEX certified inks to ensure harmful chemicals do not enter the waterways through runoff while also preventing absorption of harmful chemicals.

With a strong focus on empowering women, they manufacture their product through an ethical factory whose workforce is 80% women and all are paid a living wage which includes overtime pay and holiday pay. Their eco-friendly range is made from Lenzing Tencel, Linen and GOTS certified organic cotton and in the future, they may expand their fibers to include hemp and modal.

With all this goodness going into their range it’s no wonder these clothes bring light, life, and colour to anyone who wears it.

We hope you enjoy this inspiring range!