Our mission is to catalyse positive change through the world of fashion. By bringing you the most inspiring products, we empower you to empower others.


To catalyse positive change through the world of fashion.


Every purchase you make either impacts the world for better or worse. We believe that, as much as possible, the clothes we wear should not damage our world or exploit those who make it. Rather, we think fashion has the potential to do great things - things like pull entire communities out of poverty, free people from the bondage of human trafficking or going the extra mile to sustain and restore our world’s natural resources… and this is just the beginning.

THE PLAN To this end, our plan is simple:

  • EMPOWER ordinary consumers to make an extraordinary difference through small choices, by bringing you the best product in terms of design, quality, affordability and impact.
  • EDUCATE current and future generations about our impact on this world and provide an opportunity for people to take actionable steps towards loving people and planet.
  • ENCOURAGE all players, large and small, throughout the fashion industry supply chain to consider ways of reducing their negative impact and use their businesses to create positive change.
  • ENGAGE and INSPIRE a generation of change-makers to use their abilities to bring change to a world that is in need.

Catalysing Positive Change Through Fashion